h a p p y     h o l i d a y s  .   

      h o p e     y o u      a r e    c o z y       a n d    h a p p y





                                      m y      v i n t a g e      a p r o n s


      i have been wearing, making and collecting aprons my whole life. 

      i love them.  all.  and i love that wearing one connects us to all the

      women who have come before us who wore them to protect their

      dresses (when having clean clothes was much harder than we can

      imagine) ,  to remove hot pans from the oven,  to carry eggs in from

      the coop,  to dry their hands  and probably to wipe the odd tear. 


                                to see more images of the aprons, go here


      happy making, cooking, preserving, building and baking everyone.


                                                xo heather






be safe . be well . be kind . be happy . 






i hope you are all staying safe, sane and healthy.

my whole life, nothing has made me happier than nesting, making things for my home and my people, nourishing and marvelling at those simple things.

so in one way, i have never been happier than this moment for having to simply turn in and concentrate on those simple things but at the same time, there is this surreal storm happening around us.

like my flag says, be safe.

and i hope you too are finding pleasure in your home....







                                                  h a p p y      n e w      y e a r


i absolutely love this time of year to start fresh, clean out all of your nooks and 

crannies, look over the past seasons and prepare for the next.  here's to some 

more time together.  i miss you.....


Studio sale header 2018


                                we are busy in the studio preparing for this weekend. 

                    it is already feeling very festive in here.  (perhaps it always does...) 

                    but i am especially looking forward to seeing some familiar faces

                and meeting some new kindred spirits.  hope to see you there.  xo heather




i wish you peace and happiness wherever you are on this cozy night.  i hope you

have had a good year and that you are ready to start fresh with a new one.  xo