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                                we are busy in the studio preparing for this weekend. 

                    it is already feeling very festive in here.  (perhaps it always does...) 

                    but i am especially looking forward to seeing some familiar faces

                and meeting some new kindred spirits.  hope to see you there.  xo heather


















i wish you peace and happiness wherever you are on this cozy night.  i hope you

have had a good year and that you are ready to start fresh with a new one.  xo



 mother package7 mother package7 mother package7

we have made these really precious bathing gift boxes with mother's day in mind.  they come with two organic hemp wash cloths,  a lavender and geranium bath bomb and a hand made card with stitching and a button ...  all nested in a bed of shredded book pages (my favourite). the cloths have a perfect amount of tooth but are still  very soft and machine washable.  i love washing my face with mine. and the bath bombs are made by my good friend monique who makes the most amazing bath and beauty products.  as natural as you can get, everything is made in small batches and with the most positive energy  you could hope for.  

i am hoping this helps for those of you with mother's far away or if you know of someone who just needs a little lift . . .  we can send it for you all wrapped up and will fill in the card with your message. wash cloths5




Welcome image.

.... to our new website design.   anyone who has gone through this will know that 

it is fun to do,  but really not fun because you spend hours at your computer (which

is not good for your body) obsessing over font sizes, spaces and little things that

shouldn't matter in the big picture.  but it is done, i am happy with it and i can

now get back to other tasks like designing things, spring cleaning and a wee little

trip to paris that i am  going on next week.... (can't believe it).   hope you are well.


Circular wrapping

s t u d i o      s a l e


d e c e m b e r     1 1 th

(  t h i s      s u n d a y  )

1 0  -  4


1 9 6     s h a w     s t r e e t

(  s i d e      e n t r a n c e )


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IMG_6171 IMG_6181 IMG_6182 IMG_6191 IMG_6204
IMG_6220 IMG_6274 IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6299
IMG_6338 IMG_6342 IMG_6347 IMG_6353 (1) IMG_6376
IMG_6377 IMG_6381 IMG_6382 IMG_6383 IMG_6420


i had forgotten how much i love to be out on the road and had not realized that my boys would be the perfect travel companions.  offering to put up the tent, doing the dishes and wanting to go on hikes whenever we arrived at an interesting place. 


we have been home a month now from our trip out east, back to our regular schedule of school, sports and sacred time in the studio which feels great but i am also already planning our next getaways.  winter camping is booked and the maps are out for next summer's adventure.


precious days with my boys....




look at these mamas.  my maternal grandmother who i wish i had been able to share clothes with; my own mother who looks so beautiful in this photo (for that matter, my mother does have perfect skin, but why do all women look so beautiful and flawless in these early photos; and my paternal grandmother swimming.  she was also a mother of two boys and liked to bake (my only memory of her) so should have been a friend for longer.  

(  in honour of all mothers we are having a little sale in the shop until may 9th. ) 

20% off all orders with the code 'mama'.