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look at these mamas.  my maternal grandmother who i wish i had been able to share clothes with; my own mother who looks so beautiful in this photo (for that matter, my mother does have perfect skin, but why do all women look so beautiful and flawless in these early photos; and my paternal grandmother swimming.  she was also a mother of two boys and liked to bake (my only memory of her) so should have been a friend for longer.  

(  in honour of all mothers we are having a little sale in the shop until may 9th. ) 

20% off all orders with the code 'mama'.




i would like to apologize to the geese who came home a few weeks ago and to the flowers that had already started popping up in the garden, for whatever we, as humans,  have done to cause huge snow storms in april. i promise that the warmth will return soon. . .




and our new label stickers continue to make me very happy. packaging and shipping is a lot more fun at the moment.


hope you are having a good day...









the lovely people at own it   (a british site dedicated to helping small businesses network and answer questions) interviewed me earlier this year and posted it on line this week. it is always so useful to look back on where we have come from and what we have learned along the way.

and to think they wanted my opinion on pricing things! don't tell them that i don't know what i am talking about....