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t h i r t y     y e a r s !


in 1994, i started this little company while at art school. i got my first taste of making things and selling them at a craft show while at the Emily Carr school of Art and Design.  i loved every part of it and spent that same summer doing a show every weekend. church basements, outdoor shows, any show that would take me and i made whatever i felt like with whatever i could get my hands on. then in 1995, i was accepted to do the One of a Kind show in Toronto which meant i had to get a bit more serious. i had to come up with the name, a brand and a cohesive line of products. i was attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design by this point and convinced them to let me do the show and develop the line as an independent study for my degree in textiles.  very sneaky.


and that was it.  i have been doing this for the last thirty years. it has evolved and taken many forms which i hope to explore this year as i go through all of the memorabilia and files. this seems like a good place to record it all for me and anyone else who is interested.


this post is in honour of the early booths and shows that i did.

and the people who helped me with them and visited.



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